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Founded in 1992, our firm has committed itself to serving the needs of private and public sector organizations in Liberia for over twenty-five years. The vision of the founding partners was to attract, develop and deploy local accounting and management expertise in serving the needs of organizations that continued to operate in Liberia in spite of the civil war. Although cognizant of the risks and challenges of launching a new firm in the depressed economic climate of a civil war, the founders were inspired to build a firm of local heritage, that would offer the level of professionalism required to fill the professional-service vacuum created when existing professional firms ceased operating in the country. This outlook proved to be valid and, by 1995, our firm had established a reputation for providing quality professional services.

In 1994, when Deloitte & Touche Consulting (West Africa) sought a Liberian firm to partner with, in pursuit of its West African expansion drive, it identified our firm as its preferred partner. This relationship was consummated in 1995 when we merged our consulting practice into Deloitte & Touche Consulting West Africa, an alliance that would continue until 1999. Although the civil war would persist for more than 10 years following its establishment, our firm would maintain its presence in the country throughout this challenging period, the only significant professional firm to do so. During this period, and since, we have continuously worked to demonstrate our commitment to our clients and people.

In 2012, following an international assessment process, we were admitted as a full, independent member firm of Baker Tilly International, one of the top 10 networks of global accountancy firms.

In Liberia, we are a leading (resident) firm, with an enviable list of national and international clients, and an extensive list of alumni who now support Liberia’s development in both the public and private sectors. We have a full-time staff complement of over 50 people, resident in the country. In addition, because of our membership of Baker Tilly International, we can draw upon specialist skills, tools and best practices from our other network firms in Africa and around the world. Still yet, because we have operated in the country continuously for the last 25 years, we know the market and have a deep understanding of local business practices. We are active in the private, public and non-profit sectors and have executed hundreds of engagements in these sectors over the years. We have partnered with some of the best-available independent consultants in Liberia, and maintain a useful roster of specialists in different areas and disciplines, who are available to participate in our projects at different times. We have undertaken significant projects in Liberia funded by UN Agencies, The World Bank, Expertise France (the French Agency for International Technical Expertise), The African Development Bank, USAID (the United States Agency for International Development) and other development institutions.

Baker Tilly provides audit and assurance services, as well as a range of business advisory and tax services. The firm remains active in the development of the accountancy profession in Liberia. Its leaders lecture at local universities and are fully engaged in the activities of the Liberian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (LICPA) and the Liberian Institute of Tax Practitioners (LITP).

We are a leader in the Liberian professional services market and continuously commit ourselves to being a respected service provider, which consistently helps its clients achieve their strategic and operational goals.

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